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Our business agenda has resultantly positioned Tluka Communications Technology™ as a formidable force that has the capability of an International W.I.S.P (Wireless Internet Service Provider) & Telco (Telecommunication's Company). The business successes that our customers have realised through the deployment of our solutions in their business venture and within the organisations has brought about huge benefits for our customers.

Tluka Services

We have strategically partnered with Bitco, 3 Majors Copier Wholesalers in the South African and International ICT industry. These partnerships then enables us to, amongst other things, provide our customers with access onto local and international high speed internet network infrastructure, any size duplication / copiers as well as printing solution, mobile connectivity solutions, fixed mobile convergence, as well as the largest hotspot locations in South Africa. It also allows our customers an opportunity access to the Seacom pipeline, a cost-effective international connectivity on the international infrastructure and across the continent.

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+27 87 135 1312 Our Office Line fax : +27 86 513 8735 Our Fax Number mobile : +27 72 925 4653 Urgent Matters email : sales@tluka.co.za Sales @ Tluka: When you need to Procure any Service email : accounts@tluka.co.za Accounts @ Tluka: When you have a query regarding your invoice or statement. email : info@tluka.co.za Information @ Tluka: for all your questions regarding services and tluka as a whole.

IT Experts

Tluka Communications Technology™ is a full-service Technology firm, focusing on high end technology and customised strategic Technological solutions.

Our goal is to project the standards, integrity and image of our client’s over-all business strategy in all that we do. We aim to provide solutions that will rubber-stamp our footprint as an industry success by providing technological solutions that are evolutionary in their nature Our fresh & frank approach enables us to achieve our clients’ goals by crafting concise solutions that stimulate customer demand for our clients and reach their target market with measurable results at a cost that suite their company budget.

Our service includes “all things technology”, We pride ourselves with skills in Open-Source Technology, Telephony, Networking Solutions, Server Management to mention a few through solutions which translates to low costs & best solutions for our clients, while we do not discriminate against Microsoft solutions.

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Tluka Team


Out team consist of 20 creative and motivated staff members and seven directors spread around our branches in 4 provinces, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Free State. We are in the process of establishing a branch in Limpopo. Our customer service is guided by our quality approved and on-time delivery principle based and supported by our organisational quality management system.



In order to deliver some of the products that we do, it was imperative for us to seek out not only wholesalers but to also look into strategic relationships that can provide us with a national footprint and ability to service our national clients. Some of agreements includes:

ITEC Group

Our relationship gives us access to financing some of our equipment work and rental equipment through ITEC Finance and In-house finance schemes.


Eurobyte Technology

They are one of our valuable business enablers, they provide our firm with the most needed credit to delivery on projects then carry our credit facility for a 30day cycle.



As VOIP services installer and maintainer, we saw it fit to partner with a developing entity that shared the same view of the industry landscape in respect to telephony.


Axxess DSL

We are not only able to provide the cheapest Broadband connections but we have the ability to leverage our “Tech Skills” to enhance and deploy the very best in Line and Internet Account combinations.